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Stovetop Espresso Maker, Mint Green- 6 Cup

$ 59.99

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NEW Premium Milano Stone added to the MILANO family!

The MILANO STONE from GROSCHE is a classic Italian stovetop espresso maker, also called a Moka pot. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys strong coffee or a shot of espresso. Unlike other filter coffee makers, this brewing method extracts more caffeine and flavours through light pressure in the funnel filter. This gives stovetop espresso a stronger and richer cup than a standard percolator. The MILANO stovetop espresso maker will make your morning cup of coffee one to look forward to.

The Milano stovetop espresso maker is safe for many kinds of stove tops like: Electric coil, electric glass top, gas stoves, propane, or camping stoves as well. Unfortunately, because this espresso maker is made of alluminum, it can not be used with induction stoves.

Hand wash only

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