Rozark Hills Coffee - Espresso

$ 12.99

This five beanblend of South and Central American coffees along with Africa and Indonesia is tasty either pulled as an espresso shot or brewed for a great cup of coffee. 1 lb. ground

RoZark Hills Coffee Roasterie was born in 1996 in the foot hills of the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas in a quaint little town called Rose Bud. The family owned coffee roastery puts a lot of love and pride in every bean that goes in your cup. Theyensure your coffee drinking pleasure by carefully sourcing and purchasing the coffee beans from renowned coffee importers and roasting them to their maximum flavor potential. Each load is roasted with meticulous care by sight, aroma, time and temperature on vintage Probat and Barth roasters. This hands on roasting procedure with seasoned roasters produces the quality of coffee youwant to put in your cup for the ultimate coffee drinking experience. RoZark Hills Roastery's commitment to you is to provide quality fresh coffee roasted to peak flavor for your complete drinking experience.

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