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Rosemary, mint, lavender, and thyme make up this lovely summer simple syrup. In lemonades and cocktails, drizzled into cookies and sorbets, spring herbs can be found everywhere.

Emily Lawson of Fayetteville, Arkansas, based Pink House Alchemy creates simple syrups, shrubs and bitters that will totally transform your cocktail experience. Crafted from locally sourced roots, barks, fruits, herbs and botanicals, the blends are designed to enhance the flavor of the spirits, as opposed to masking them.  Use these syrups in baking treats or add a splash to coffee or tea to enhance the flavor!

Ingredients: cane sugar, water, lavender, fresh mint, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, lactic acid

All PH products made with organic, local or responsibly souced ingredients.

16 oz glass bottle

**Minimum of 2 bottles simple syrup (any flavor) required for shipping online orders**

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