Peach Passion Tea Spirit Infusion Kit

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Staying in for dinner & a movie? Entertaining guests? Looking for a gift to please? We suggest MixCraft. No gritty ingredients to strain out, no chunks of dried yuck floating in your drink. (Plus, who wants to buy bottles with a dusty film coating the inside from your store?)

No added sugar—just fresh, incredible taste that comes from the highest-quality all-natural fruit & spices. Ingredients like bee pollen & elder flower? But of course. There is even a funnel for bottle filling, so there’s no mess when mixing.

Mixcraft thought of it all, so everyone can focus on making happy hour even happier. How’s it done? Just add 1.5 cups of a favorite alcohol to steep a custom flavored potion in days. Sip straight. Or add yummy extras to mix a custom cocktail—Food Network’s serves up all of Mixcraft's custom craft cocktail recipes. Each kit makes up to 16 drinks.

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