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TUESDAY, JANUARY  9, 2024 | 6:30 PM

with Chef Will Ross

Join Chef Will Ross in the HKS Kitchen as we explore Nordic cuisine. Let’s walk into our root cellar and pull a few things from the shelves to create dishes to keep our family full throughout the day and warm through the night. For an appetizer guests will be greeted with EJ’s Toast- rye bread loaded with Nordic flavors. For the hands-on portion, learn how to make Høvdingsuppe -or chieftain's stew, made with lamb and roasted vegetables. Guests will also make Æggekage -a simple Danish frittata with a few special ingredients such as pickled green tomatoes and served with rye bread. And for dessert Chef Will will demonstrate Aebleskiver, a Nordic dessert similar to a doughnut hole. Now, let’s get on our snowshoes and get to work! Recipes will be provided.

*All class ticket sales are final. No refunds or credit transfers to other classes are available.*


Will Ross began his adventures in food and beverage in 1986 as a grill cook at Jack in the Box in Dallas, TX. Since then, he has performed every job within the restaurant industry from dishwashing to ownership, as well as pursuing advanced studies in wine and cuisine.  Ask his friends and they will tell you he knows a lot about libations, especially when he is drinking them! Will has enjoyed a career spanning decades, hosting presidents, celebrities, and most important, everyday folks. They mean the most to him. He has always maintained the philosophy that restaurants, food and wine are about people- create a good culture and a good product you will make guests out of customers and friends out of guests.

Photo credits: nordicfoodliving.com and madensverden.dk

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