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This impeccably designed nonstick stir fry pan features an extra-reinforced nonstick finish inside and out that withstands scratching, chipping, peeling, and wear.

Tough, hard-anodized aluminum construction with a thick, edge-to-edge stainless steel base delivers fast, even heat, and unlike ordinary nonstick woks and stir fry pans, is engineered to keep oil in the middle, directly under foods so they don’t stick for incredibly even cooking.

For home chefs who don’t hold back, this versatile cooking wok features traditional sloped sides for tossing, sautéing, and stir frying at high heat.

Dishwasher safe with inside-out nonstick that easily wipes clean to keep your cookware looking newer, longer.

Product Dimensions: 19.125"L x 11.875"W x 5.0"H

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