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Red Road Woodworks was founded by Brad Archote in 1985 in the Ozark Mountains in North Central Arkansas. His two daughters, Cetan and Jordan, now run the business including design and production with the goal to grow their father's business and vision for sustainable living, passing it down to subsequent generations and sharing their beautifully crafted pieces. The shop uses timber sustainably harvested from local land, as well as recovered woods as a result of storm damage and scraps from other area wood workers who require larger pieces.

Stronger than your run of the mill plastic or metal spatula, no concerns about melting, warping, or hot metal! These short spatulas are great for when extra control and sturdiness are required.Each item will have slight variations, especially in wood grain. All sizes are approximate. Each item comes tagged with Red Road Woodworks location on of the front, and a small blurb about the wood variety on the back. Toxin free and finished with our own blend of cooking oil and bees wax. We do refund shipping overages as calculations can sometimes be off.

Length: 8 1/4 in
Width: 3 1/4 in
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