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JANUARY 15, 2019 | 6:30 PM

Much of the culinary world is derived from the French – the terms, techniques, recipes – have all been passed down to what we practice today.  From the French classic cooking, we have adapted five basic sauces which provide the foundation for most sauces we know today – the “Mother Sauces”. 

Join us along with Chef Brent Hale of Big Sexy Food for this unique class on creating the five Mother Sauces.  This cooking class is great for beginners or experienced cooks!  Chef Hale will show you how to properly build each sauce and discuss the proper techniques to get your base just right.  He will also discuss the versatility of each sauce and then create a delicious meal out one for you to enjoy.  Recipes will be provided.  We will also provide a handout with all you need to know for the Mother Sauces so you have any easy reference when you try it out in your own kitchens!

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