TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2022 | 6:30 PM

We are very excited to have Laurie Anderson of Big Heart Bread back in the HKS Kitchen to educate patrons in this Sourdough Starter class! If you’re new to sourdough, this is the perfect place to start. You will learn the art to turning flour, water and salt into an artisan sourdough loaf of nutritious bread, and it all begins with the starter!  We will take a look into what starter is, how it's used and how to care for it. Laurie will teach tips on mixing dough, discuss why stretch and folds are important, and how to time your bake. You will leave with your own bucket of dough ready to ferment over night for baking the following day in your home. Concerned with how to fit this bake in your schedule? We will discuss the options and have you ready to create your own wonderful loaves of sourdough bread.

**All class ticket sales are final.  No refunds or credit transfers to other classes are available.**



Founder and baker for Big Heart Bread, Laurie Anderson created her home-based non profit bakery to donate funds from bread sales to serve her community. www.bigheartbread.com

When a friend insisted on paying me to make her a loaf of my artisan sourdough bread I knew I had something valuable. Cooking for and feeding friends and family has always been rewarding - in fact, it feels like my purpose. I wanted to find a way to maximize this opportunity, maybe even to use these funds to serve those in need. 

I discovered that my granddaughter's school had a benevolent fund reserved for students from under-resourced families. The fund I collected from bread sales would be donated to this fund, where the school would oversee disbursements according to the needs of the students and their families (winter coats, boots, shoes, assist in utilities, etc.)

My mission quickly caught on by word of mouth and on social media. In three months of bread sales, Big Heart Bread's first donation was $1,247 to McNair Middle School in Fayetteville, Arkansas! I knew my idea was worth pursuing as a nonprofit business. The word was out that I was a benevolent baker and co-workers, friends, neighbors responded in support with more and more orders and general donations. Many suggested donations for bread were exceeded in support of "the kids". My baker heart was touched, and Big Heart Bread was born.  
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