Open Fire Grilling: Chef Haley O'Brien- Oct. 3rd

$ 100.00

MONDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2022 | 6:30 PM

with Chef Haley O'Brien featuring Lux Precision Fire Grills

HKS in partnership with Lux Grills is pleased to announce this new series of open fire grilling classes featuring some of NWA's expert chefs!  In this three-part grilling event, guests will be introduced to the Lux Precision Grilling system of cooking over open flames or coals in order to reach perfect temperatures, get the perfect char, and cook multiple ingredients for a crowd.  Join us for one class or buy the bundle and join us for all three!


In the first Open Fire Grilling class, Chef Haley O'Brien will be mastering the Lux grill in the HKS courtyard where she will teach participants how to reach the perfect char on a variety of vegetables to make a charred veggie salsa.  She will then move on to quartered whole local birds paired with grilled salty potatoes and herbs she will cook at different heights on the Lux Grill.  To finish off with a sweet touch, Chef Haley will instruct participants on how to make pumpkin s'mores with spiced honey over the Lux Grill.  Damien Lux, founder and creator of Lux Grills, will be on site to answer questions about this amazing open fire system and it's everyday versatility when using it in your own backyard.

**All class ticket sales are final.  No refunds or credit transfers to other classes are available.**


Haley O’Brien has been working in the food and beverage industry for over a decade. She started in front of house, working her way into the craft beer sector then circling around to working in kitchens to produce locally sourced, plant-based foods. Her roots in the Kansas City brewery scene lead her to her knowledge and love of flavor pairings. Then she followed her passion for cooking and creating palate experiences by attending and working at Brightwater: A Center for the Study of Food. She has worked heavily in specialty catering events, festivals, in-house dining experiences and she teaches cooking classes through Honeycomb Kitchen Shop. She has started offering in-house cooking coach lessons to help people become more confident in their own home kitchen and curates a program for her individual clients. She is passionate about connecting with small local farmers and using vegetables that may not sell at the market. She is focusing on whole food cooking that uses the entire plant or product to help minimize food waste and create unique dishes. When not cooking, she is exploring creative work such as music, art and dance. She is also an avid tea drinker and is studying Ayurvedic medicine + herbal remedies. She believes in  self-healing, conscious living, yoga and meditation, in addition to the power of connecting with nature. She also enjoys teaching, connecting with people and public speaking. She invests time in gardening and raising her pets, as well as, values her relationships with friends and family.  She can be reached at 

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