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THURSDAY, MAY 12, 2022 | 6:30 PM

with Heather Artripe of Ozark Natural Foods

One of the easiest ways to enhance the flavor of the food you prepare is to add herbs. Whether fresh or dried, you need to know how to use herbs and when to add them during the cooking process.  Join Heather Artripe in the HKS kitchen as she leads you through a delightfully herby experience in this interactive cooking class.  Upon arrival guests will enjoy a Herbalicious drink developed by our friends at pH Alchemy paired with Herb-Marinated feta with homemade herby shortbread crackers.  Then Heather will instruct each participant on how to make a Chimichurri served with roasted veggies, Herby Fruit Salsa, and Persian Inspired Herb Frittata (Kuku Sabzi).  She will discuss the importance of using herbs, the potency, and the flavor profiles of different herbs during the cooking process.  Recipes will be provided.

*All class ticket sales are final. No refunds or credit transfers to other classes are available.*



One of Heather Artripe's first memories of being a child is dragging a chair across her Granny's kitchen floor to stand on so she could help her cook. 10 years ago Heather started teaching cooking classes at Ozark Natural Foods and never looked back! She started to become obsessed with cooking and creating, focusing on honest, real, flavorful-all-on-it's-own food and local ingredients when at all possible. When she is not cooking for fun, teaching cooking classes, or shooting Rooted in the Ozarks, you can find her in my her own little urban homestead growing veggies, fruits, and herbs, canning and pickling, hanging out with her pack of animals, thinking of recipes, talking about recipes, etc. She loves cooking and loves food. And most of all, she loves creating it.

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