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A Taste of Mexican History and Culture with Chef Aria Kagan of Brightwater and Dr. Sevin Gallo of NWACC

Food historian Dr. Sevin Gallo and Chef Aria Kagan will lead us on a delicious historical journey through the world class cuisine of Mexico in this cooking class series at HKS!  Learn the spicy history and culture of Mexico through your sense of taste as Dr. Sevin Gallo discusses Aztec and Mayan food culture and agricultural practices and how the local-vore, and post-industrial ideas about food is reviving old food items and techniques..  Chef Aria will demonstrate creating a selection of salsas and curtido.  Each participant will get a hands-on experience by making their very own Pupusas. This is not your average cooking or history class.  Recipes will be provided.

*All class ticket sales are final. No refunds or credit transfers to other classes are available.*


Masks are encouraged but not required during our classes.  Please be advised in our new HKS kitchen, you may be working in small groups in a hands-on experience.

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