Meet the Chef: Heather Artripe

Name:  Heather Artripe

Classes Taught: Soups & Stews, Brunch Classes, Pumpkin and other local produce classes

Favorite Kitchen Tool: It is hard to choose just one!  I grew up using an old fashion egg beater to help my Granny make egg custards so that always holds a dear spot in my heart. My Chef’s knife was a gift and it is an extension of me. That knife fits me like a glove. We are a great team. Also, I still swoon over my Balloon whisk whenever I use it. I could go on and on!

Favorite Restaurant: Locally, Tusk & Trotter, hands down. Their elevation of Southern food makes my heart so happy. Succotash in Kansas City and The Boiling Pot in Rockport, Texas are a couple more of my favorites.

Spare Time Activities: Cooking. My boyfriend is also a wonderful cook. We spend a lot of time either cooking for each other or cooking with each other. We also like to explore new cultures through food by learning and trying out new recipes at home. We also love to go grocery shopping, it’s like Christmas to us when we find new and exciting ingredients. Tang’s Asian Market in Springdale is one of our very favorites.
I also love to travel, even if it’s just a Sunday morning country drive around here. My Mama and I love going to New Orleans and South Texas. I also love gardening, we live in an apartment but it doesn’t stop me from having “a few” plants outside.

Biggest Role Model: My Mama for sure, I wouldn’t be doing what I love without her support. As a child I grew up in my Granny and my Mama’s kitchens. They were the first ones to introduce me to cooking as well as how to show people love through cooking. My Granny passed away when I was 9 years old but for those first 9 years of my life she taught me so much. It has always been my Mom and I, she has taught me how to be independent, resilient, hardworking, caring, and kind. I owe everything that I am to her.

Last Thing You Ate: The last thing I ate was leftover homemade Spaghetti and Marinara. Even better the 2nd time around.

A Bit More...: Six years ago Heather started teaching cooking classes at Ozark Natural Foods. It She became obsessed with cooking and creating. After she mastered a recipe, she would immediately think of a new way to cook it, or new ingredients to add.  Heather believes there is a lot of trial and error that comes with cooking.  That is the fun part and how you learn!  Heather also recently participated in the Roots Festival located in Fayetteville, AR as a demonstration chef teaching about no waste cooking.

Dana Smith

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