Meet the Chef: Heather Artripe

Name:  Heather Artripe

Classes Taught: Soups & Stews, Brunch Classes, Pumpkin and other local produce classes

Favorite Kitchen Tool: It is hard to choose just one!  I grew up using an old fashion egg beater to help my Granny make egg custards so that always holds a dear spot in my heart. My Chef’s knife was a gift and it is an extension of me. That knife fits me like a glove. We are a great team. Also, I still swoon over my Balloon whisk whenever I use it. I could go on and on!

Favorite Restaurant: Locally, Tusk & Trotter, hands down. Their elevation of Southern food makes my heart so happy. Succotash in Kansas City and The Boiling Pot in Rockport, Texas are a couple more of my favorites.

Spare Time Activities: Cooking. My boyfriend is also a wonderful cook. We spend a lot of time either cooking for each other or cooking with each other. We also like to explore new cultures through food by learning and trying out new recipes at home. We also love to go grocery shopping, it’s like Christmas to us when we find new and exciting ingredients. Tang’s Asian Market in Springdale is one of our very favorites. I also love to travel, even if it’s just a Sunday morning country drive around here. My Mama and I love going to New Orleans and South Texas. I also love gardening, we live in an apartment but it doesn’t stop me from having “a few” plants outside.

Biggest Role Model: My Mama for sure, I wouldn’t be doing what I love without her support. As a child I grew up in my Granny and my Mama’s kitchens. They were the first ones to introduce me to cooking as well as how to show people love through cooking. My Granny passed away when I was 9 years old but for those first 9 years of my life she taught me so much. It has always been my Mom and I, she has taught me how to be independent, resilient, hardworking, caring, and kind. I owe everything that I am to her.

Last Thing You Ate: The last thing I ate was leftover homemade Spaghetti and Marinara. Even better the 2nd time around.

A Bit More…: Six years ago Heather started teaching cooking classes at Ozark Natural Foods. It She became obsessed with cooking and creating. After she mastered a recipe, she would immediately think of a new way to cook it, or new ingredients to add.  Heather believes there is a lot of trial and error that comes with cooking.  That is the fun part and how you learn!  Heather also recently participated in the Roots Festival located in Fayetteville, AR as a demonstration chef teaching about no waste cooking.

Chocolate TEA Latte Recipe


It’s time to start enjoying hot drinks that warm the soul!  In our most recent Gadget Goodie Box for September, our subscribers received a new tool called the Gusto Spoon.  It is an infusing spoon that can be used to add spices and herbs to drinks, soups, sauces, stews, and much more.  Here is a recipe from the Bentonville Spice & Tea Exchange that the gusto spoon works great with.  Enjoy!




Heat eight ounces of filtered water to 212º. We recommend doing this with an infrared thermometer that will measure the surface temperature of your liquid as you are heating it. Place black chocolate tea inside the gusto spoon and steep for 5 minutes. Stir occasionally.  Add in dark cocoa sugar and peppermint patty sugar to tea and allow to completely dissolve while you stir with your gusto spoon.

Simmer cup of milk over medium-low heat until heated through and beginning to steam.  Whisk briskly to create a light foam.  Add in hot milk to tea concentrate.  Stir again with gusto spoon then remove and empty contents.  Serve and enjoy!




Meet the Chef: Ellen Lewis

Name:  Ellen Lewis

Classes Taught:  Cookie Decorating

Favorite Kitchen Tool: Kitchenaid Mixer

Favorite Restaurant: The Forge in Bentonville

Biggest Role Model: Dad – he’s such a servant leader; Baker – Georganne Bell – LilaLola cookies

Last Thing You Ate: Brie with cherry preserves and toasted almonds (made at a Honeycomb Kitchen Shop class!)

A Bit More…:  Ellen Lewis is the cookie baker behind How Sweet is Homemade, which was born out of her love for all things homemade and her desire to provide simple goodness for others to enjoy. She has always loved baking and is a self-taught cookie decorator. Ellen was first introduced to rolled sugar cookies in the seventh grade, and they have been her favorite sweet treat to bake ever since. While she has been making sugar cookies for years, it was just a few years ago that she began to decorate with royal icing. As Ellen honed her skills, she began her business and began teaching classes. Her days are spent rolling dough and making custom sweet goodness while her afternoons and evenings are spent being a mom to her 24, 14, and 10 year olds and wife to her husband, Brad.

Meet the Chef: Brent Hale

Name:  Brent Hale

Classes Taught:  Supermarket Chef Series, Knife Skills, Pasta Making, Modern Food

Favorite Kitchen Tool:  Other than my chef knife favorite tool is a zester

Favorite Restaurant: Tusk and Trotter

Spare Time Activities:  Hanging with my son, Will

Biggest Role Model?: My grandfathers

Last Thing You Ate:  PB&J 

A Bit More…..:  Chef Hale founded BIG Sexy Food in January of 2016, which then specialized in high end, in-home dining.  BIG Sexy Food expanded into the food truck business in August of 2016, offering Modern American cuisine with a focus on off-the-wall burgers.  Chef Hale was also a recent winner of Guys Grocery Games on the Food Network, Friend or Foe episode. He is currently the host of the culinary segment for NWA Alive, a locally produced show in Northwest Arkansas highlighting local happenings, entrepreneurial businesses, sports, non-profits, and the food scene.

Meet the Chef: Erin Rowe

Name:  Erin Rowe

Classes Taught:  Ozark Seasonal Classes, Gluten Free, Vegan, Private Classes

Favorite Kitchen Tool: Definitely my Cuisinart immersion blender & of course my chef knife

Favorite Restaurant:  Sooo hard….ever is probably Pizzeria Lola in Minneapolis, but locally I think MOD NWA in Bentonville or Tacos 4 Life

Biggest Role Model: Chef wise I adore Thomas Keller and Bobby Flay although they do not know me personally. My biggest overall role model is God…and he knows me well!!

Last Thing You Ate:  Spaghetti and homemade meatballs from Giraldi’s Fayetteville…delicious!!

A Bit More…:  Erin was raised in charming Siloam Springs and calls the hills of Northwest Arkansas home. She attended Maui Culinary Academy but mostly learned by trial and error, cooking her way through the infamous Joy of Cooking. She recently authored a cookbook of her own, An Ozark Culinary History, available at HKS now. Additionally, she also created the new breakfast & brunch menu concepts for all of the Savoy Tea CO. Restaurants group.  When not catering house parties and cooking for her adventurous husband, Alex, she’s eating basil pesto, collecting passport stamps, or reading through a British classic over a good cup of coffee.

Meet the Chef: Regina Wilks

Name:  Regina (Reggie) Wilks

Classes Taught:  Tea Tasting and Learning

A Bit More…: Reggie has been a gourmet kitchen and housewares representative for 15 years and a Republic of Tea representative for 6 years.  She currently serves as the Blend Sales rep for Arkansas and Louisiana.  She lives in Ulm – a small Eastern Arkansas town. Reggie’s favorite kitchenware lines include Republic of Tea, Typhoon Homewares, and Seattle Chocolates.  When she’s not traveling or cooking, Reggie’s favorite past time is reading.


Meet the Chef: Dana Smith

Name:  Dana Smith

Classes Taught:  Field to Fork series, Kids Cooking

A Bit More….: Honeycomb Kitchen Shop co-owner Dana Smith is no stranger to local foods.  In addition to being a long-time backyard gardener, Dana has worked on a small produce and blueberry farm, run a farmers market booth, managed a community garden, studied regional food systems through her graduate work at University of Virginia, and worked several years for a sustainable agriculture non-profit organization.  She is passionate about using seasonal, local products and and teaching simple techniques in the kitchen to help people connect through food. When Dana isn’t in the garden or the kitchen you’ll likely find her out on a trail hiking or hanging out with her dog and backyard chickens.

Meet the Chef: Lindz Dolan and Naomi Hashimoto

Name:  Lindz Dolan and Naomi Hashimoto

Classes Taught:  Puppy Power Pet Food

Favorite Kitchen Tool:  A good sharp knife ! It’s underrated but makes life so much better (Naomi) / Favorite kitchen tool is definitely a blender!  From smoothies, sauces and soup a good blender is a staple (Lindz)

Favorite Restaurant: In NWA probably Thai Basil (Naomi) / Hands down my favorite restaurant would be Persephone on Wheels here in DTR.  They literally create magic in your mouth! (Lindz)

Spare Time Activities: Dogs. Really we try and include them in everything we do. They make us want to live a wild life 🙂 (Naomi) / Hiking, biking, lake time…basically anything that gets you outside with a couple of pups by your side 🙂 (Lindz)

Biggest Role Model?:In business for sure my old boss Toby Dillard . He was an exceptional leader and that is rare (Naomi) / The biggest role model in my life is my mom…she’s an amazing combination of spunky, empathetic and willfulness (Lindz)

Last Thing You Ate:  A delicious chunk of salmon, followed by a kitchen sink cookie! (Naomi) /  Cauliflower and leek soup and a few rosemary crostinis! (Lindz)

A Bit More…:  Naomi and Lindz own Woof and Wander – a canine pantry and outfitters in Downtown Rogers inspiring a more adventurous life for animals and their humans by curating only the best product options for a healthier and more active existence.  They have spent countless hours during the past 15 years researching all there is to know about the newest and most ancient in pet health.  From food to supplements they are committed to providing the highest quality products and advice to ensure happy and healthy animals.

Meet the Chef: Katherine O’Leary-Cole

Name:  Katherine O’Leary-Cole

Classes Taught:  Soulful Italian with Wine Pairings

Favorite Kitchen Tool: Since ice cream is my specialty, I would have to go with my ice cream machines. They’re irreplaceable!

Favorite Restaurant: Besides Tusk & Trotter?? In town, I love grabbing a pizza on the patio at Peddler’s Pub. In the big city, 11 Madison Park in NYC is my favorite!

Biggest Role Model?:  I think Martha Stewart is a great role model for entrepreneurs- she basically created the “lifestyle” industry. 

Last Thing You Ate:  I am currently eating my favorite pizza at Tusk: house made crust & marinara, peppers, onions, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, Parmesan and mozzarella 

A Bit More…:   Since moving to Northwest Arkansas from her hometown of Greenville, South Carolina, two years ago, Chef Katherine has found her new home as the sous chef/sommelier of Chef Rob Nelson’s Tusk and Trotter American Brasserie.  She has a passion for plant-based cooking and food waste reduction, using preservation methods such as canning, dehydrating and charcuterie to utilize trimmings and stretch the seasonality of locally grown produce.

Chef Katherine has cooked at the James Beard House in New York City, Atlanta Food and Wine Festival, and the Augusta Masters Golf Tournament in addition to creating her open-fire under-the-stars celebration of local produce:  The Natural Table.  She is finishing her MBA in finance, supports the efforts of local non-profit Cobblestone Farms and is a member of the Northwest Arkansas Master Naturalists.  An avid traveler in her converted van, “Mildred,” kayaker and reader (combining the pursuits has resulted in more than one drenched book), she lives in a 300 square foot log cabin and hopes to go “off the grid” in the near future.

In all of her activities, Chef Katherine has a passion for sharing with others good food and wine with a connection to nature and our local community.


Meet the Chef: Mark Hooper

Name:  Mark Hooper

Classes Taught:  Cocktail / Mixology

Favorite Kitchen Tool: bar spoon – it’s the most useful tool in the bar!

Favorite Restaurant: Big Sexy Food – Rogers

Spare Time Activities: Listen to music, write music, and explore the Tiki

Biggest Role Model?:  Jeff Beachbum Berry – owner of Latitude 29; Martin Cate – owner of Smuggler’s Cove; Paul McGhee – owner of Lost Lake and Milktoast 

Last Thing You Ate:  Chocolate bundt cake (from Honeycomb Kitchen Shop)

A Bit More…..: Mark is the National Sales Director for Pink House Alchemy.  He also tends for the Pizzeria in Little Rock.  He began his bartending career thirty years ago.  With a desire to concoct a “perfect” Mai Tai, Mark left bartending and ventured into the crazy world of mixology.  He has competed in a few cocktail competitions and even won the Deadhead Rum Cocktail Competition in 2016 and was one of three finalists for the 2018 Iron Tiki-Tender in Portland, Oregon.

When Mark returned to the world of bartending, he discovered it was quite different than when he left it behind earlier in his career.  However, he has found that it is still fun, challenging, and very rewarding.  Mark enjoys doing demos and mixology classes that feature pH Alchemy’s wonderful array of flavors to enhance the cocktail experience.